Wendy Paine Miller

~ Who I Am ~

I’m an amalgamation of every place I’ve ever lived, every person I’ve ever loved, every success, every triumphed failure, every lesson learned and every future hope.

I’m a blend of hardships and victories, struggle and succor. I’m an introvert and extrovert, a lover of nature in the shadow of night and the bursting forth of day.

I’m awash with bright and brilliant shades, the boldest splashes being the most beautiful and transformative marks on me yet—those of Jesus, my Savior.

I write to understand who I am. I love to let go of who I am.

I live to represent Him.


~ Writing the World in a New Light ~

Wendy writes stories infused with hope, stories spliced with colorful characters that inspire readers to see the world in a new light.

Her greatest desire is to encourage readers to think anew by unlocking or unfurling previous ways of viewing life and relationships.

Whether in short stories or one of her novels, Wendy is deliberate about exploring the richness and complexity of her characters. She elevates veracity and integrity as she weaves stories intertwined with tension, gripping emotion and life as you know it.

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